Amazing Find At Ecothirft

This post is unrelated to makeup, but going along the lines of fashion. I’ve seen that a lot of vintage clothing and pieces being used now and people resort to finding these one of a kind or rare pieces at thrift stores or consignment shops that specialize in that. In my area, there are quite a few thrift stores and I decided to take my homegirl Lauren there after our long day of doing some heavy retail therapy at Valleyfair Mall.

We went to Ecothift which is a thrift store in Hayward, California and I wanted to go back for a cashmere-cotton blend sweater I saw a week ago. I looked through racks and I found these beautiful piece.

A vintage white Christian Dior button up shirt for $9.99. It happened to be that the tag on it was white, and white tags were 75% off tag price, bringing that baby down to $2.50. I was more than happy to pay that! To my surprise, after bringing my items to the register with my cashmere-cotton blend Banana Republic sweater, the total was $6.56. I paid the $6.56 without asking any questions and looked at the receipt, the girl actually charged me $1.49 for the Christian Dior button up and with tax, it would’ve came out to $1.63. Best bargain of 2011 for me.

If you don’t mind wearing clean used clothing, want some rare/unique pieces, and you have patiences to look through tons of racks, I would definitely suggest trying to find some pieces at thrift stores, you never know what you can find.

Another mans trash is another mans treasure.

Let me know if you have found anything great at thrift stores!


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