Depotting MAC Containers for B2M

For those who don’t know about Back To MAC, its a recycling program they offer to customers who have 6 empty containers who bring it to any MAC counter or store to redeem for it for a product depending on location. MAC freestanding stores like at Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, or Stoneridge in Pleasanton can take those 6 empty containers to exchange for an eyeshadow, lipstick (excluding Viva Glams) or lipglass. MAC counters like seen at Macys, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales can take those 6 empty containers to exchange for a lipstick (excluding Viva Glams).

An old trick was people depotted their eyeshadows, blushes, foundation, bronzers… basically anything in a compact form and take the pans out to put into a palette, and return the plastic containers to MAC for the recycling program. This probably is old news to some but I thought I’d just address it, some counters and stores will not redeem those containers without the metal pan and some will not return them to you, meaning you lost those 6 containers for redemption of a free product that I stated above.

I have never had a problem with bringing things back without pans but as a precaution now, I keep the metal pans there since my friends have encounter those type of incidents.

Other than that, everything else is easy to bring back. When they’re empty or you simply don’t want the product anymore, save up 6 containers and bring it back for something new!

I know I’m ready for a free product. Haha.


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