Pre-Made Palettes

I have nothing against them, I believe they are great for beginners who want to experiment or even makeup artist who want the portability with the best bam for their buck. I’ve used palettes from BHCosmetics & Coastal Scents and they are amazing when it comes to quality but I tend to lean towards palettes I can create myself.

Customizable palettes are unique because you can pick and choose what you would want. With the other palettes, such as the 88 or 120 eyeshadow palette, you have many options but not all the colors are practical, you probably won’t all of them often, some certain shades may not compliment your undertone or skintone and the amount is very small per well of product.

The picture above is my MAC palette I built with 6 blushes and 6 eyeshadows. It just shows the potential end product can be. This palette in particular I built is an everyday, grab and go kind of deal. You can create a subtle, natural everyday look or make a dramatic night on the town look all in one compact palette.

I’m thinking of building blush palettes for warm and cool undertones and then some “color family” eyeshadow palettes soon, having a palette full of pinks, reds, blues, greens, yellows, gold/bronzes, browns, greys/blacks, and etc, you get the idea. Haha.

If you have any ideas of what I should create for another everyday, grab and go kind of palette, let me know!


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