Random Youtube Tutorial: Draw/Define Eyebrows

Hi everyone. I got a few messages about doing a tutorial on my eyebrows. When I get a better camera and find time, I will film a tutorial of how to draw/define eyebrows. I tried doing it but my Macbook Pro’s webcam wasn’t cutting it. But till then, I posted a video of my favorite Youtube makeup guru; JLovesMac1!

I will say her tutorial is good for those who have sparse eyebrows or don’t have much shape to them. This method might be too much for those who have good shaped brows who want just to define them, that have thick hair or just want them to look natural. My suggestion is to use this tutorial but skip the eyebrow pencil, use an eyeshadow (preferably matte) with an angle brush, use a clear brow set and clean up the shape with concealer.

I hope this helps. I will be posting my own video soon.


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