Dollar Tree Haul

Hello everyone. This haul is from the Dollar Tree. I’ll explain why before everyone questions my decision of purchasing cosmetic items from the Dollar Store.

I was in high school when I started cosmetology school, I didn’t have much money to spend on makeup to practice with. One of my friends told me that the Dollar Tree sold decent makeup and they’d get name brand items every now and then. Buying higher end products were just too expensive for me at that time, especially if it was just to practice with. I learned back then that lower end cosmetics can produce the same result as some higher end cosmetics, it just takes a learned set of skills to make it happen.

5 years later and I still go back to where my roots in cosmetics came from, the Dollar Tree. I don’t find any problems with them, they’re sometimes better than expensive cosmetics I’ve purchased from MAC, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, NARS, and etc.

Now going into the haul, I bought everything for under $14:

  • (5) L.A. Color 6 Eyeshadow Palette
  • (3) L.A. Color 12 Eyeshadow Palette
  • NYC Bronzer in “Sunny”
  • L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation
  • Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow in “Vanilla Veil”
  • L.A. Color Pressed Powder in “Tan”
The eyeshadows area very pigmented. I will write a review on each individual palette, no complaints. NYC Bronzer in “Sunny” is one of my favorite matte bronzers; its cheap at Target or Walmart for $2.74, but I mean I got a better deal at the Dollar Tree, can’t beat it. Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow in “Vanilla Veil” can be used as an eyeshadow base or highlighting on the face if you like shimmer. I love the liquid foundations from the True Match line, it was a steal for $1, I usually spend $7 at the very least for a bottle. I haven’t tried the L.A. Color Pressed Powder all that much, I will say it does set my foundation well, blends in nicely. I will see how it goes in the next week or so. I saw a video about a month or so ago and that Youtube guru stated it was a dupe for MAC MSF Natural, but I’ll see what I think about it, from reading the comments, its definitely a hit or miss with some people.
I hope you all enjoy this small haul. Let me know if you have gotten any cosmetics from the Dollar Store and what you think about it!
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One Response to Dollar Tree Haul

  1. Rose says:

    i love Dollar tree! its where i always get my LA color products!. but iv never seen True match there! im a go check it out now .

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