Difference between American and Asian BB Creams

Hello everyone. I went to MAC and Sephora today and I saw that they had developed their own versions of BB Cream. After reading the 3 different packagings, I noticed that the American cosmetic companies are trying to have the same concept but definitely not the same to the BB creams from Asian cosmetic companies.

Off the bat, you know they are different from what BB is abbreviated for. American BB creams are “Beauty Balms” while Asian BB creams are “Blemish Balms” or “Beblesh Balms”. Asian BB creams were initially used to help protect, soothe and refine the new skin that was developing after laser surgery. Asian BB creams have many different formulations with different properties such as skin whitening, anti-wrinkle, and brightening properties to diminish scarring, evening out skin tone and contain high SPF. The Asian BB creams can come in different shades and variations for different skintypes, depending on the brand, which the American BB creams lack, a choice of colors and different formulas for normal/dry skin and oily/combination skin.

When looking at the American BB creams, they all seem to only have one shade available, some even claim it to be “universal”. The BB creams do have some benefits that the Asian BB creams offer such as moisturizing properties, sunscreen, brightening properties and etc. After testing a few, I could not wear them alone. I’d say it would work for people with very fair or light skin, maybe no more than a NC/NW20-25. They are best as primers in my opinion. Both Asian and American BB give off a white cast when taken with flash photography but the American BB creams are far worse when comparing to Asian BB creams.

What is my suggestion? I’d stick to Asian BB creams. They’ve had a long run with many people pleased with them. To me, the American BB creams that are available need work. If you want a one step product for your face, go for the Asian BB cream. Please note they are harder to find but with online shopping, it can make it more accessible.

I hope this helps!


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