ELF Makeup Artist Brush Belt Review

Hi everyone. Sorry if I’m writing a lot of blog post today, I just have some free time right now. I had a brush belt from a kit I got for cosmetology school and its lasted me until now and I thought I would buy the ELF Makeup Artist Brush Belt for $15.00 which is affordable for a brush belt.

Keep in mind that it is from ELF, and I did not have very high expectations for it, especially not spending very much on it. The brush belt is made of faux leather, you can probably smell the plastic odor but it does dissipate after a little while. A positive aspect of it being faux leather is that its very easy to clean with a damp cloth or makeup wipe without worrying about damaging it. Its very well constructed with many pockets and sleeves for brushes. You can see that I was able to put a large amount of brushes in it. There is an adjustable belt strap so you can make it fit the belt to your liking. I’ve tried other brush belts that I could not use because it was not big enough for my waist and I would have to compromise and use it on my shoulder. I’m a pretty big guy and if this brush belt is able to adjust to my waist size, and fit comfortably, its definitely a plus.

Its only $15.00 from the ELF website, I got mine during the 60% off sale and I got it for only $6.00! Even at full price, I would definitely spend my money into it. It offers what the expensive makeup brush belts can offer with a low price tag.

I hope this is helpful to those looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive brush belts that MAC, Sephora and other beauty supply stores are offering.

Another ELF Studio item that has blown my mind. Let me know your experience with this makeup belt or any of the ELF Studio line.


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