Fake MAC Brushes

Hi everyone. I was on Luuux earlier and I saw someone post up a picture of a “MAC” brush set containing 30 brushes that they got for $60 with a “discount” because of a cosmetology school.

It kinda irritates me when I read these stories when I know so much facts about it and from looking at the pictures.

MAC does gives discounts to students in cosmetology school but only if they are attending a qualifying school they have listed on their website. Discount for students is only 20%, and even with the highest discount they have available with the MAC PRO Membership of 40%, there is no way 30 brushes were discounted to $2.00 each. I’m sure it cost more than $2.00 to make their authentic brushes.

Facts You Need To Know:

  1. MAC does not sell brushes in sets with the exception of selling brush sets as special edition items.
  2. Brush sets that are offered from MAC are never more than 8 brushes.
  3. Packaging of the authentic MAC brushes come in a clear sleeve with a barcode. The fakes usually come with a hard plastic covering only covering the bristles.
  4. Fake brushes usually have the numbering incorrect, and the placement incorrect. Check the numbering of the brushes and the location of the numbering on the MAC website. The authentic brushes have the logo and number of the brush basically engraved into the brushes. The metallic lettering of the authentic brushes can easily be taken off but left with the imprint of the MAC logo and numbering.
  5. Along with numbering of the brushes, authentic MAC brushes will have a faint “USA”, “Japan”, or “France” imprinted at the end of the brush, and have no metallic letter like the logo and numbering. Some fakes I’ve seen do not have that imprinted or have it printed like the logo and numbering.
  6. The material and color of the handles are a dead giveaway. The authentic brushes have a wooden almost matte black handle with a silver metal neck, the fakes usually are made of plastic or wooden handles painted black that have a reflective finish to it.
  7. The fakes are not the true size of authentic brushes. The brushes I’ve seen are shorter than the authentic brushes. And the size of the bristles are not the same, and are cut unevenly.
  8. The type of bristles used can differentiate them. Some brushes, such as the MAC 168, have white bristles on the authentic brushes and the fakes will use black bristles that are mainly seen in larger authentic powder brushes.
  9. The fakes usually have a strong plastic odor from poor quality materials used.

I hope this helps for those who are looking at MAC brushes online or looking for a brush set. If the authentic MAC brushes are out of your budget, there are tons of other brands offering good quality brushes at a more affordable price such as Sigma, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, Crown Brushes, Bdellium Tools and even the ELF Studio line!


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