Natural Daylight Lighted Vanity Mirror

Hi everyone. I’ve been looking for a vanity mirror with a light for awhile, and the price range for similar mirrors I’ve seen has been approximately $30 to 120 depending on the brand, size and retail store it was sold at.

I randomly found this vanity mirror and let me tell you, its a steal. This is the Natural Daylight Lighted Vanity Mirror and I found this at my local Costco Warehouse. I haven’t seen it on their website, but for those in Northern California, I found this at the Costco Warehouse in Hayward on Hesperian Road; if you want to find out if your local Costco has them in stock, just ask if they have it.

The vanity mirror features dual mirrors, one with 1x magnification and the other with 8x magnification, glare-free, fog free, and a bulb with 10,000 hour life that shows true to life color.

This mirror saves me so much time now that I don’t have to leave my bathroom to check how my makeup looks because of the yellow lighting. Definitely one of the better lit vanity mirrors I have tried, and I will review this mirror again in 2 weeks with my experiences.

Costco is known to sell high quality products and this was one of them. For $19.79 before tax, it’s an amazing deal for a vanity mirror with lighting, and if you want this mirror and your local Costco does not have them, Amazon is selling the same mirror for $37.99.

I hope this is helpful to anyone looking for a great deal on a lighted vanity mirror! If you have this, let me know what you think!


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6 Responses to Natural Daylight Lighted Vanity Mirror

  1. paul says:

    Hi Steven: My wife purchased the Natural Lighiting mirror and the on off button stopped working almost immediately. I wanted her to take it back but she said Costco doesn’t carry it anymore and she would use it by plugging it in instead. I wanted to contact the Sunter Lighting Co. but their website doesnot have contact info. Any suggestions. I want to get the button so I can fix it myself.

    • steveobui says:

      Hi Paul. Not really sure how to fix the button but I’m sure Costco would stand by the products they sell and give you the manufacturer’s contact information to have it replaced or they’ll refund the money spent or do their best to exchange it with the same product. I hope all goes well.


    • Denise says:

      Argh, I’m having the same problem! I love my light but unplugging it each time sucks..

      • steveobui says:

        My local Costco started to carry them again and I asked if I had a problem with my old one if I could exchange it with them and they said bring it in and they’ll do an exchange. Hopefully your local Costco has them back in stock and can exchange it for you or have them give you the manufacturer’s information to have it serviced or replaced. Good luck.


  2. Mari Glez says:

    Hi Steven! Do you know if this vanity mirror is made in the US?

  3. Rosi Wilkins says:

    2015 reply: I bought this for $19.99 at my local Cost Co and found it to be the best vanity mirror I have ever used. HOWEVER, I had the exact same frustrating problem with the ON/OFF button. I have had the mirror well over a year and don’t imagine CostCo would take it as an exchange. Too bad, it’s a great mirror. I did found the manufacturer’s email and telephone number in the directions on how to change the bulb. Gonna try them. SUNTER: 1-888-525-7969 or MODEL #: NDVM2011-1452. Hmmmm 2011…I wonder if I have really had it that long?

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