La Mer Skin Care Regime

Hi everyone! This post will correspond with the last post about La Mer Skin Care Products. This is the order I use the products; starting from morning before applying my makeup for the day and to the evening when I get ready for bed.


  1. I wash my face with La Mer ‘The Cleansing Gel’ in the morning. One pump of this product is more than enough, you can use tools like the Clarisonic along with this gel to cleanse your face. Its a very gentle foaming cleanser that does not irritate or dry my skin. This works great for those with normal to oily skin.
  2. I pat my face dry with a cloth and prepare myself to use the La Mer ‘The Oil Absorbing Tonic’. I use take a cotton pad or ball, and soak it with the toner and use all over my face, especially in the areas where I am oily the most. Even though there is alcohol in this toner, it definitely soothes and keeps the skin feeling revitalized.
  3. Once the toner is soaked and dried, I wash my hands before applying the La Mer ‘The Oil Absorbing’ Lotion. Just a little bit over a pea sized amount with a majority of it in my t-zone will keep most of the oil away for me. I only once or twice blot with an oil absorbing sheet but significantly less than before. Defintely perfect for those with oily/combination skin. To me its a better version of MAC’s Oil Control Lotion.
  4. For the days my skin felt a bit drier and needed that boost, I used La Mer ‘The Moisturizing Gel Cream’. This is variation of their well known original formula of La Mer Moisturizing Cream, its ideal for those that can’t use the cream because its too heavy. After applying the gel cream, my face instantly feels silky smooth and leaves my skin balanced throughout the day.
  5. After moisturizing my skin, I apply La Mer ‘The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid. This is sunscreen is great because it absorbs into the skin easily and feels very light. It does not break me out like other sunscreens and even though the bottle might seem small, it should last months.


  1. I take La Mer ‘Cleansing Gel’ to remove my makeup. I find it helpful using a sponge or cleansing tool to ensure all the makeup is removed.
  2. Taking a cotton pad or ball, apply the La Mer ‘Oil Absorbing Tonic’.
  3. I pat my face dry and apply La Mer ‘The Moisturizing Gel Cream’. It keeps my skin balanced throughout the night.

Once a week, I will use ‘La Mer Refining Facial’ to give my skin a needed deep cleansing. All I need to do is take a nickel sized amount and massage the product in an upward motion all over my face and rinse with warm water and following steps 2-3 for the night routine.

I hope this is helpful to those who are interested in La Mer Skin Care Products, and knowing how to use the products for those with oily-combination type of skin.


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