How I Store My Makeup

Hi everyone. A reader sent me a message about how I store my makeup and if I could make a post about it. My system of storing my makeup isn’t fancy, or expensive; it’s just things I had around the house and utilized it for my storage.

I use part of my desk to put my brush holder, makeup wipes and trash can on. I store all my makeup to the left of my desk with the following items stacked on top of each other:

  • A plastic makeup case by Caboodle
  • A plastic 3-drawer by Sterilite
  • A 3 drawer wire cart (Model:Lennart) by Ikea

This is the top tier of the plastic makeup case. On the top left, I keep my eyebrow pencils, pencil eyeliners, and tubed concealers in a rectangular box to keep them organized. Below it, I keep lip balms concealer wheels, and a small bottle of hand lotion. In the large compartment of the top tier, I keep my customized MAC palette consisting of 11 eyeshadows and 5 blushes, setting spray, moisturizers, primers, liquid foundations and loose powders.

On the bottom I keep more loose powders, pressed powders, foundation compacts and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish compacts.

The first drawer of this plastic storage unit is blushes, bronzers and illuminating powders.

The second and third drawer of this plastic drawer unit contains single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes.

The first drawer of the wired drawer cart consist of false eyelashes, eyelash adhesives, tubes of mascara, eyeshadow primers, eyebrow setting gels, eyebrow powders, moisturizers and nail polish remover pads. I used small boxes to help organize the smaller items, so they aren’t rolling around in the large drawer.

The second drawer of this wired drawer cart is lip products consisting of lipglosses, lipsticks, and lip pencils.

The last drawer of this wired drawer cart is various tools I don’t use often like my brush belt & heated eyelash curler, and I also store my backups of products such as moisturizers, eyeshadows, foundations and powders.

I do plan on buying a better drawer set to organize my makeup but that will be on hold for a little bit until I figure out my room remodeling situation since my space is limited.

I hope this gives some people an idea of what they can use to store and organize their makeup!


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