Haul of Wet N Wild Eyeshadows From CVS

Hi everyone! I just went to CVS today to redeem my Extrabucks and I was surprised to see that CVS is having a 30% off sale on their Wet N Wild products!

(From Left To Right) I got an eyeshadow trio in “Silent Treatment” and 4 of the six eyeshadow palettes in “Greed”, “Pride”, “Vanity” and “Lust”.

After using my Extrabucks and manufacturer coupons, I paid under $3 for all the products!

For those that don’t know, I’m an avid coupon clipper and bargain hunter. I always look for the best deals possible before purchasing a product. I don’t go crazy like some people but I do like a good bargain when I can find it! I’ve gotten my hands on $1 off Wet N Wild manufacturer coupons which were good for any item that was $2.99 and up. If the CVS sale was not going on, I would’ve been able to redeem another $1 for the trio but it was on sale for $2.09 with the 30% off.

The breakdown of the cost was $2.09 for the trio (original price: $2.99), $13.97 for all 4 of the six eyeshadow palettes (original price: $4.99 each); using $10 Extrabucks, and $1 Wet N Wild Manufacturer Coupons (4); and paid tax and it was under $3.00.

If you can find manufacturer coupons online, in the newspaper, magazines, or with your products packaging, you can save up a lot of money if you can combine and stack other coupons for more savings! And remember to look out for advertisements for additional savings at your local drugstore.

I hope this post was helpful to those who were wondering about how to save more money on products using coupons and were thinking about Wet N Wild eyeshadows!


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