Small Avon Haul

Hi everyone! I grew up with relatives that sold Mary Kay and Avon products but I never had the opportunity to experiment with their line of products since what they could bring was so limited and not having all the products to try would make ordering difficult.

My best friend needed a ride back to San Francisco and we just made a day of it with shopping at Westlake Shopping Center, an outdoor mall in Daly City. We walked around and came across a store named Avon Beauty Center.

This store is amazing. Their prices were either at the catalog prices or cheaper! They had a majority of what Avon had to offer and what they didn’t have, you can order with them and either ship to home or pick up the products at their location. I was glad there were testers out to try, it made my decision much easier to pick and choose my favorites.

I purchased 4 items this trip and I got:

  • Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation SPF 12 in Medium Beige
  • Avon Extra Lasting Cream To Powder Foundation SPF 15 in Medium Beige
  • Mark Powder Buff Foundation in Natural
  • Avon Advance Techniques Damage Repair Reconstructive Mask

I am in love with all the products except for the Avon Advance Techniques Damage Repair Reconstructive Mask. I will do separate reviews for each of the products.

For those who are in the Bay Area and want to visit the Avon Beauty Center, click this link to check out their reviews on Yelp, get their location, store hours, contact phone number, and even a link to order online. I hope this was helpful to anyone looking at investing their money into Avon products!


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