Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

Hi everyone. I’ve been on the hunt for another good drugstore foundation and quite a few people have mentioned the Maybelline Fit Me line available at most retailers.

This line from Maybelline has a variety of colors to choose from (I believe 18 shades in the light, medium, and deep), which is great when it comes to finding the correct shade and undertone. Most of the displays will have a section where you can put your arm under and find a shade that is closest for a color match; I’ve found that its inaccurate when finding my shade because my face doesn’t necessarily match my arms shade. After trying several shades, I ended up getting shades 245 and 315.

The rectangular shaped glass bottle looks very sleek, what you would expect from a department store foundation. I wish Maybelline would have a pump option if not included with the foundation, it would make application much easier as the foundation is a bit on the thinner side.

This lightweight foundation claims to give everyone a natural finish to their skin, which I can agree on. I’ve applied the foundation several different ways, using fingers as suggested, with a sponge, and a variety of brushes. They all applied well but using a sponge or brushes just soaked an excessive amount of product. The foundation gave a light to medium coverage and I found no oxidation after applying this foundation, which is nice since theres no worries about the foundation looking different throughout the day.

My skin is not very oily and even though this foundation is free from any oils or waxes, it didn’t feel great after wearing it for a couple hours. I felt as if the foundation gave me an oily, greasy, glossy looking complexion which is not pleasant. I was applying more translucent powder to take away the shine, which seemed more than necessary. Any one with normal to dry skin may get better results with this foundation. Those with oily to combination skin, I wouldn’t suggest this foundation. As far as my skins reaction to the foundation, I’ve gotten a few small breakouts from using the foundation so anyone with sensitive skin, acne prone skin, oily to combination skin would take precaution when trying this foundation.

I purchased this foundation from Walmart for $5.94 which not bad price for a decent drugstore foundation. I’m sure those with normal to dry skin would love this foundation. I hope this is helpful to those in the market for a new foundation.


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