Philosophy Haul

Hi everyone! I went shopping with my sister today and we found many Philosophy products we liked. These are the products we ended up purchasing after much debate of what we didn’t have and what was worth our money.

  • The Supernatural: Coloring Book (3)
    -2 Lip Glosses, 2 Eyeshadows, 1 Cream Blush and 2 Powder Blush
  • The Color of Grace: Grace For Lips, Cheeks and Eyes
    -2 Lip Glosses, 2 Eyeshadows, Illuminator, Powder Blush and Shimmering Face Powder
  • The Supernatural: You Make Me Blush Mineral Blush Duo in #03 (3)
  • Divine Illumination: Love At First Light Ageless Skin Luminizer (2)
  • The Color of Grace: Shimmering Face Powder
  • The Supernatural: Instant Sunshine Natural Mineral Bronzer
  • The Color of Grace: Kabuki Style Retractable Cosmetic Brush (2)

I love that these products are free of paragons, phthalate, mineral oil, talc, sulfate, propylene glycol, peg, and fragrance free. For someone like me who has sensitive acne prone skin, many products are irritating, and Philosophy gives me reassurance that nothing harmful will be in their products.

Out of the total purchase of 16 items, my favorite would be the retractable kabuki brush since it buffs my Bare Minerals foundation in very well and is convenient when traveling.

For those wondering, I purchased these items at Big Lots! The inventory of each location is different, I would suggest calling for those don’t have one locally to make the trip!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I will update my blog very soon.


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3 Responses to Philosophy Haul

  1. LT says:

    I assume you went to the one in Newark? lol. I went there about 2 weeks ago and they were the only location around the east bay that had a bunch left!

    • steveobui says:

      Yes I did! Haha. I wish there were more shades for the mineral blush duos. I absolutely love the #03 I got, and I’m so envy you were able to get other shades… they look stunning! Great haul for both of us. Haha.

      • LT says:

        They have 4 total, I’m happy I was able to get 3 though. I got Hugs/Kisses in Hayward & Sunny/Bright in San Francisco. I think Hugs/Kisses is okay, it doesn’t really show on my skin. You got an amazing amount of things! Haha. I held myself back since I need to save for Vegas!

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