Great Deal on OCC Lip Tars from Sephora

Hi everyone! I’ve been a huge fan of the OCC Lip Tars ever since seeing QueenofBlendingMUA on Youtube and I was definitely excited to see them on Sephora’s website! I was putting an online order for myself and I found a great deal for those who want to try them out!

Individually, the OCC Lip Tars retail for $16.00 each, Sephora has a “Pro’s Picks Lip Tar Set” that includes 5 of their lip tar shades for $49.00 which the breakdown is less than $10 each and includes a lip brush!

The shades included in this set:

  • Pretty Boy
  • Stalker
  • Vintage
  • Grandma
  • Melange

I think all the shades are vibrant and beautiful. Everyone knows a little goes a long way so its definitely an investment in your makeup collection or kit for makeup artist!

Sephora is also offering free shipping for those who spend $50 and up, I just bought a pack of $1.00 sponges to meet the $50 and I save $6.95 on shipping. There are also other promotional codes you can use to get free items such as an iPhone sleeve, and other sample sized beauty products.

I hope this is helpful information to those who are in the market to try or buy multiple shades of the popular OCC Lip Tars!


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3 Responses to Great Deal on OCC Lip Tars from Sephora

  1. Lisa says:

    My starter set was from where they have the same concept. Although the brush on their site used to be full-sized, they now only give it in a smaller size (which is what I got), but I love my set! lol. has a neutral set and a bright set, but they are 50 cents more than Sephora! I want the Sephora set though!! Minus Melange since I have two 😛

    • steveobui says:

      I totally didn’t even know had them! Ahhh time to invest in the “bright” set! Thanks for the heads up girl! 🙂

      • Lisa says:

        Yes! The good thing about the Brights set is that there’s no repeats from the Sephora one you got! & No problem, we all love a good deal! lol 😀

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