My Thoughts On The Khroma Beauty Line

Hi everyone! I planned to write this post awhile ago but I haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll admit that I like the Kardashians and they always talked about creating their own makeup line. When it finally happened, I was expecting a lot more but still wanting to see what kind of products they offered after seeing a picture on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

I ended up purchasing a few items from their line once I narrowed it down at my local CVS and Ulta. Its marketed through drugstores so it’s definitely nothing very sophisticated or luxurious as a lot of people hoped for.

My overall opinion is the Khroma Beauty products are not worth the price. I’m sure almost everyone will agree that the Kardashian’s themselves would not use their own products over what they’re accustomed to. The quality is definitely not there, and if Wet N Wild could produce amazing products comparable to high end products for an inexpensive price, I’m sure they could’ve done a better job with testing out different formulas until they were satisfied.

  • When it came to the palettes; some of the eyeshadows were chalky and pigmentation lacked without foiling them (wet application) or having a color base.
  • The blushes, bronzers and highlighter were acceptable but the tones and finish are not flattering on everyone.
  • The eyelashes aren’t special in any way, I’d rather purchase some Red Cherry Lashes for less than half the price and are far superior in quality.
  • The biggest red flag for me is the lipgloss that came in the kit smelled horrible.

I don’t know how involved they were with formulating everything and testing the products but that’s something unpleasant and I wouldn’t put a product like that out there even though the smell will dissipates after a little time.

I wouldn’t purchase it again. It’s not worth my money to have products that don’t surpass ELF Cosmetics and Wet N Wild’s quality (not saying ELF Cosmetics or Wet N Wild products are bad or anything, just in terms of comparing how affordable and great quality they are). That’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to theres. Its just my thoughts after spending money on these products, testing them and return them all back to CVS and Ulta. I hope this was helpful for those thinking about their products. If they improve their products in the future, I will consider giving it another try.


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