Make Up For Ever Pro What? I Love My Duo Mat!

Hi everyone! If you haven’t heard already, Make Up For Ever Duo Mat is being discontinued! This is by far the best powder foundation for my oily/combination skin, so I definitely picked up back ups to last me until something better is in the market.

Sephora… please bring this back! Reformulate the shades from Pro-Finish with the Duo Mat line!

Make Up For Ever claims their new Pro-Finish is a better replacement but I hate it with a passion. I wish Make Up For Ever kept the Duo Mat formula and added more shades like they did with Pro-Finish, though finding a shade that matched my complexion was much easier, the foundation itself was a mess to me. It was not buildable to a full coverage, it oxidized on my face (with and without primer), and it did not help me from getting oily, meaning I was using more of the product to blot my face.

Now let’s talk about Duo Mat!

On the description is: “A long-lasting, oil-free mattifying powder foundation for normal to combination skin types. Provides a shine-free finish that covers blemishes and other imperfections and perfectly evens out the skintone.”

I wanted to try a different powder foundation, the only luck I’ve had was with MAC Studio Fix Powder and Bare Minerals Matte. I didn’t do much research on Duo Mat when I was purchasing it, it was a powder compact and Make Up For Ever HD Foundation was good to me so I thought why not and lets hope for the best since it says its good for all skintypes.

First impression, this powder blew me away. I used it with a sponge for a full coverage look and it was amazing. It wasn’t cakey, it didn’t feel heavy and it was long lasting which is hard for my oily/combination skin. Of course I used a primer underneath but that just helps prolong the wear, gives the foundation a smooth base to adhere to and keeps my oil under control. Sometimes I use a makeup setting spray like Skindinavia No More Shine or Urban Decay All Nighter just to ensure no touch ups are needed if I’m working all day, but the foundation itself is good for a normal day (8+hrs).

The powder is buildable from sheer to full coverage depending on the method of applying it. I can use it to set my foundation or BB cream using a large powder brush, if I want a light coverage I will use a dense powder brush to apply the foundation, and if I want full coverage, I will use a sponge to apply and a kabuki brush to buff out the foundation.

To sum it up, I love it. Whether I’m in a rush or taking my sweet time, I just put on some primer, pat this powder on with a sponge and I have an even complexion. Add some highlighting and contouring, I feel like my skin is flawless.

I hope this is helpful to those thinking about Pro-Finish or want to find some Duo Mat in store or online to try. Pro-Finish did not work for me at all, it oxidized like crazy, the coverage was not the same and I felt like a grease ball after a few hours. Just my opinion, those with normal/dry skin might have luck with Pro-Finish. Time to try out new powder foundations to replace my Duo Mat!


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3 Responses to Make Up For Ever Pro What? I Love My Duo Mat!

  1. daisymhays says:

    Hi I’ve never tried the duo matte, but I did buy the new powder… And I think it looks nice when I first apply it. Throughout the day I have been noticing I look so dark!! After seeing your picture on instagram and reading this it all makes sense to me! Lol

  2. Amanda says:

    God…it is true! I HATE the pro finish! It makes my face feel so greasy and does NOTHING for my oily skin. I swear it enhances the oil if anything. I’m taking it back to Sephora and buying two online while they still have it!

  3. Kate says:

    ABSOLUTELY TRUE! I have been ordering the duo mat for well over 4 years – and I have been extremely loyal to that product. Every month I ordered and would even grab multiples sometimes. I went into Sephora was informed that the duo mat is discontinued – but was assured there was a newer and better product for me. I. HATE. THE. PRO. FINISH. SO. BADLY. I’ve probably purchased better products from the local drug store. The pro finish does NOTHING compared to the duo mat. Complete garbage. I hate that I wasted my time and money. I will never purchase or recommend that product to ANYONE. BRING BACK THE DUO MAT!

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