Oval Makeup Brush Set Review

Hi everyone!

I was seeing all kinds of oval brushes on social media and at first I was looking into the higher end brands like MAC and Artis. But after seeing the prices of these higher end brands, I decided to look at the cheaper route on Amazon & eBay which ended up showing me a plethora of options.

I’m the kind of person that does not like to wait very long for things so I opt’d to buy a set of 10 oval brushes from Amazon for $22 with 2-day prime shipping. I will say that there are tons of sellers with the same product but different branding & colors so buy based off your opinion and the reviews. They do sell the brushes individually if you don’t need a whole set and I’ve purchased a few single brushes for $4-6 a piece.

Looking at the set after I received them, I kind of figured the smaller brushes wouldn’t be used very much for my everyday makeup but I gave them a shot anyways. I’m not expert in what the MAC Cosmetic line or the set of the Artis brushes are like so it will be unbiased; just simply brushes of an oval shape in similarity. The brushes are made from plastic and from what I’ve seen and read, the others are made of plastic too. I’m just going to number them off from left to right from 1-10.

Brush #1: The largest of all the face brushes; I’ll be honest and say it was a bit awkward to use at first. I knew I wouldn’t use it to blend any cream or liquid foundation out just because of the the size and I wanted to make sure I didn’t end up with streaks. I did however find it nice for blending out my contour after I’ve applied it and for my setting powder. It does pick up a lot of product so I would be cautious if you choose to use it for loose powder.

Brush #2: My favorite brush of them all. I think it’s the right size for different uses and I picked up additional brushes of this size to use in different applications. I used MAC Fix+ to spray onto the brush before buffing out my foundation and it was amazing. I’ve tried with both liquid and cream and I had no difficulty with either. The neck of the brush is thin and made from plastic so I was a bit worried that it could snap from use but it’s held together these past 10 weeks of moderate use.

Brush #3: Slightly smaller than #2 and I could use it in the same manner. The way I use Brush #3 is applying loose powder to ‘bake’ under my eyes on top of my concealer. I found it to be the perfect size and the dense bristles made picking up the loose powder effortlessly without making a huge mess.

Brush #4: This brush is slightly smaller than #3 and I use this brush to buff out the concealer from under my eyes. I typically do it with a damp Beauty Blender sponge but I found the same results using the brush. I have a lot of redness around my nose & sometimes I need more coverage in that area and I found this brush to be extremely helpful with getting into small areas and buffing the product in.

Brush #5: I didn’t really have a use for this brush personally. I’m sure you could use it in the same manners as any of the above brushes. I don’t do a very strong or bold contour in my daily routine but I can see someone using this to apply their contour and buffing it out. Or it can be used for spot concealing and to buff the product out.

Brush #6: I personally like #6 for placing my cream contour base at the hollows of my cheeks, on my nose bridge, at my jawline & on my forehead and using another brush to blend it out. Other than that, I didn’t find a use for it. It was a tad too thick for me to apply brow product or liner.

Brush #7/8: I grouped these two brushes together because I’d use them in the same application. I’m sure with enough practice, you could achieve eyeliner but I wasn’t patient enough to be honest haha. I did however like it for my eyebrows. This might not give you the ‘Instagram eyebrow’ but you will be able to get fairly natural looking brows depending on the product you use. I applied a matte eyeshadow & a tinted wax and it looked natural with the ability to build it up if desired.

Brush #9/10: These brushes were a little useless to me. I didn’t find them necessary or easy to use; just lack functionality for me. I wouldn’t see the benefit in using them for eye makeup and it’s a little too small for other uses.

Overall I’m pleased with the brushes for the price but I definitely wouldn’t need the whole set. If I could make my own kit, I’d probably choose Brush #2, 4, 5, & 7 because I found them the most useful. Did they live up to the hype? Not every brush blew me away but I’m still satisfied with my purchase since I got a whole set for under $25 shipped. Cleaning the brushes may be a little more work since the bristles are dense and collect product. When applying my foundation & concealer, I applied it directly to my face and used the brush to distribute & buff out the product.

I hope you all found that helpful and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks so much!


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